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Accurate title research is the foundation of every land project, and it always has a significant economic impact for our clients.  Getting it right the first time is of utmost importance.  M&A has developed an internal system of checks and balances throughout our organization to assure our clients get the most accurate title work available. 


M&A Landmen specialize in:

  • Cursory lease checks to determine if minerals are currently leased or held by production or if they are available for our clients to lease;

  • Cursory surface title examination for pipeline right-of-way, road construction, wind power, gas storage or wireless applications;

  • More in-depth mineral or surface ownership title work for mineral lease or surface acquisition;

  • Drillsite or division order runsheets for attorney’s title opinions, starting from the sovereignty of the soil through current day ownership of minerals, surface and leasehold. 


Moffitt & Associate's thorough title examinations will notate all mineral reservations, royalty reservations, and non-participating royalty reservations on the run sheet and identify them on flowcharts.  Terms of current Oil and Gas Leases are identified by royalty, term, and special provisions or clauses.


Assignments are identified by type and amount of interest being assigned.  Tracts are plattedand changes in legal descriptions and subdivisions are broken out on our maps.


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