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The use of wind as an energy source has its roots in antiquity. At one time, wind was the major source of power for pumping water, grinding grain and transporting goods by sailing ships. Present day applications of wind power include water pumping and the generation of electricity.Vast areas with high wind power potential exist in Texas. The Great Plains from Texas to North Dakota contain the preponderance of the nation's wind power potential. There are three major areas with good wind power potential in Texas: the Great Plains, the Gulf Coast, and specific ridgetops and mountain passes throughout the Trans-Pecos.TWW has been involved in some of the first forays into wind power in Texas and is poised to assist you in developing more wind power resources across the State and beyond. For more information on our wind power offerings, please CONTCT US TODAY.

The wireless revolution continues to explodeand while many companies are acquiring wireless towers from competitors and partners, there is a real need for new facilities. The work is similar to leasing mineral interests, but in this case, there are many potential sites for a tower, so many potential landowners can be contacted for one tower. It is typically in the best interest of the landowner to act quickly if they are interested in leasing their land to avoid losing the opportunity to a neighbor. Ted W. Walters & Associates has a proven track record in the acquisition of wireless towers.

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