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William P. Moffitt, CPL: President & CEO

Bill Moffitt graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1975 with a Bachelor in Petroleum Land Management.  Having served as the President of the Student Landman's Association his graduating year, he caught the eye of Getty Oil Company in Houston Texas. From 1975-1980 Bill served  as a Senior Landman in-house with Getty, managing a team of field landmen, overseeing contract negotiations and pursuing lease purchase agreements.  


Looking to relocate to the coast, Bill was recruited to work in-house for Cox Oil & Gas in 1980 and served as their Division Land Manager.  His eight year tenure with Cox afforded him time to develop his skill working with Assignments of Interests, Right-of-Way agreements and Property Acquisition & Sales.  


Having earned himself a reputation for meticulousness in his field, Bill decided to venture into business on his own.  The spring of 1988 saw the launch of Moffitt & Associates, Inc., South Texas' premier Petroleum Land Brokerage Firm.  


And while business at M&A has thrived, so has the legacy Bill crafted at home.  He is the father of seven children, six sons and one daughter, and grandfather of three.  Alongside his wife of 26 years, Michelle Mueller Moffitt, he's served our Corpus Christi community well as he sits on various Board of Director committees, volunteers at church and stays involved in our education system through leadership programs and volunteerism.  


Michelle Mueller Moffitt, CPL: Vice President and COO

Michelle Moffitt was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas and graduated at the top of her class from Mary Washington University, Virginia with a Bachelor in Economics.  Having earned her degree, Michelle set out to become a Petroleum Landman under her father, Joe Mueller, in August of 1981.  Her work at Mueller Exploration utilized her negotiating skills as she became head of the Land Department during her decade long tenure.  

As Mofffitt & Associates, Inc. built its foundation in 1988, Michelle kept her position at her father's firm while assisting behind the scenes for Bill.    M&A was four years old when Michelle decided to make the shift from Mueller Exploration and start full time as VP of her own firm in 1991. With Bill running a team of up to 40 independent landmen and Michelle overseeing production and negotiations, Bill and Michelle diversified their land knowledge as work pulled them to Louisiana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Arkansas and the Rocky Mountains.  


Michelle has kept a pulse on the ever changing Oil & Gas industry as she remains dedicated to organizations such as NAPE, AAPL and has maintained her CPL license for the last twenty years.


Outside of work Michelle has invested her time with raising seven children, serving her community through volunteer work, and found time to begin her own parkway project in Corpus Christi.  Serving as President for organizations such as Order of De Pineda, Volunteer Services Counsel for CC State School, and  affording time to sit on the Bay Drilling Commission, she has not only committed her efforts at building a sound future for generations to come, she's given of herself freely to a community working towards progressive economic developments.  



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